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Tryout Sessions Day 1

Posted Thursday, August 22, 2013 by Coach Wood
 I believe that communication is a very key component to the success of our program, and to the student athlete-parent-coach relationship.
Thus, I will be giving you a heads up as to each tryout session.
Today was an excellent day, I could not have been more pleased with the attitude, teamwork, and most importantly, effort that was put forth.
It was a pleasure to meet the new faces, and to see the old ones again after a great (but too short) summer.
It was especially good to see 11 freshman out for the program, as I hear stories about the lack of freshman participation throughout the fall sports teams, it's a pleasure to know that we were lucky enough to get a great group of girls to add into our soccer family.
Today, the coaches and myself discussed with the girls our parameters for our tryouts ratings, as well as our Varsity expectations. In addition I spoke to the girls about our zero tolerance policy towards bullying and hazing, not only is this a team policy, but also a school, and MIAA policy.  We discussed the main criteria we are rating the girls on are:
Technical abilities
Tactical abilities
Skill levels
Fitness level
Scrimmage abilities
Today's drills focused on dribbling skills, shooting skills, 3v3 quick scrimmage, and juggling.  In addition, we ran some timed events; a mile run, a dribbling course, and field width/length sprints.
I hope this information finds you well, and works to keep you informed as to what your daughters are working on.  Each and every one of you, should be very proud of what your girls showed today, I know I am.
I hope our enthusiasm carries over to day two and beyond.  If our season continues on the same path that was demonstrated today, then we will have a great season in store.

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