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Tryout Sessions Day 2

Posted Friday, August 23, 2013 by Coach Wood
 Today was another great day, the effort continued to be there, and we can start to see the teamwork flow into camaraderie.
Today, the coaching staff  discussed with the girls some nutrition tips, especially for double sessions, and a general overview if the energy and calories used to do our activities. In addition, I spoke to the team about our program's motto (an acronym):  Together and Individually, Gaining Experience, Respect, and Success. (T.I.G.E.R.S). This has a three-pronged meaning, with each one geared towards specific players:
Gaining Experience - Working as a program to ensure our younger girls get the experience they need to thrive and better themselves, both on the soccer pitch and with their fellow teammates 
Gaining Respect: - Ensuring that our group of girls who are leaning on the Seniors/Varsity for guidance, yet are still remaining a good influence on our younger team members; can learn to respect their position amongst the program, respect the coaches reasoning and determination on the program and respect the other girls.
Gaining Success - A very important meaning here, which is to not only achieve success, but to maintain it beyond the field and beyond the program.  This is geared towards, our program's best, the Varsity squad, where we expect success and coach to it each day.  Success is not only seniors going out winning for themselves, but going out winning for the program.
Today's drills focused on skill testing in, crossing, clearing, goal kicks, corner kicks, throw-ins (both distance and form), penalty kicks, and shielding.  We also ran timed events with soccer suicides, as well as Tiger Runs (a non-ball obstacle course, consisting if sprints, shuffles, hurdles, and ladders)
Today wrapped up a good portion of our skills testing and drill evaluations.  Tomorrow we will move into scrimmage scenarios, which should lead in nicely to our kickoff scrimmage event on Sunday.

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